The BINGO project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under the Grant Agreement number 641739.

Cartoons and roleplaying

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Cartoons and roleplaying

As a new way to communicate the project’s results, the BINGO team has developed 2 thematic performances involving very different types of stakeholders:

  • Two politicians – a conversation between 2 politicians, one who is up for elections soon but is sceptic about climate change and another who knows about the BINGO project and explains the benefits of having the BINGO approach to climate change in their area.
  • Farmer – tells a story of a young farmer who started having issues with the irrigation of her olives, until she was introduced to the BINGO project by her grandfather and decided to create a Community of Practice in her own village.

These performances were presented at the Final Project Meeting, to all of the project partners, and at ECCA 2019.

Performance to disseminate BINGO results to Politicians


Two characters, each wearing a badge:

  • Climate change Sceptical politician(written on the badge)(Sceptical-Mark)
  • Climate change informed by BINGO politician(written on the badge)(Convinced- Louisa)

The scene starts with only Sceptical-Mark walking around and talking aloud:

Sceptical-Mark: I am going now to a press conference. I was just re-elected, what is good, and really want to talk about economy. We are doing well, we created lots of jobs, we got lots of investment, and got the Eurofestival (???). All should be fine, just… those journalists, all what they want to talk about nowadays is climate change! I don’t know anything about climate change, I don’t deal with climate change – I am got about the economy, I create jobs!

Convinced-Louisa (passing by, looks at Mark and his badge, and Sceptical-Mark also reads Convinced- Louisa’s badge): Hi, Mark. It’s you, we don’t meet for a long time!… Did I heard right that you were re-elected?

Sceptical-Mark: Hi Louisa! Yes that’s true. I was re-elected!…

Convinced-Louisa: Oh (looking at the badge saying “Climate change Sceptical politician”) Great ! Congratulations! You do have the chance to do a good job… but... I can see you are climate change sceptical!

Sceptical-Mark: Well, I don’t have an issue with climate change; climate change has an issue with me…! It keeps following me everywhere. I don’t want anything with it, it should remain far away.

Convinced-Louisa: Oh !Oh ! Not at all !! I can help my dear friend. Changes in climate are happening, climate change is real!! And a good politician cannot ignore it. I tell you frankly I had some doubts in the beginning and now I am fully aware!! 

Sceptical-Mark: I don’t know... All I see is dry weather then wet weather. And it seems to be cold then gets very warm… What is happening?!

Convinced-Louisa: Exactly, that’s it…! It is happening. I can understand you, I got information that helped me a lot. You see, I have talked with the BINGO H2020 project coordinator, and she informed me that the project provided a broad range of climate ensembles for 6 research sites over Europe. Knowing that we have several possible scenarios for the next years allow us to accept the possibilities and, looking at the extremes scenarios, create adaptation strategies in order to cope with the potential risks.

Sceptical-Mark: Yes, really…?

Convinced-Louisa: Of course cannot predict exactly what the future will be. We are not Gods or prophets, but we can approach possible future scenarios that help us to take decisions today. Uncertainty should not be a concern!

Sceptical-Mark: Tell me: what can I do with this information, in what can it be useful to my electors? My voters are not interested in climate change

Convinced-Louisa: Oh, Oh, dear Mark you are mistaken, for sure they are!

Sceptical-Mark: Are they, ooh…! (Suddenly, Marks becomes much more interested in the conversation). Are you interested in climate change? (Looking at people around that nod, agreeing)

Convinced-Louisa: You see?! You will be a better politician if you are well informed about climate change! And if you are pro-active in the transformation needed in your citizens and electors! 

Sceptical-Mark: Tell me all about it, what should I say to my electorate?

Convinced-Louisa: Well, changes in the water cycle and extreme events like floods and droughts, impact activities in the city, tourism, agriculture, the availability of water in quantity and quality for several different uses, including for human consumption. It is important that you are aware of the impacts and risks, and prepared to address climate change events, providing effective solutions.

Sceptical-Mark: Ok, ok... People care about water, and lots of taxes came from that and industries using of water…

Convinced-Louisa: Yes you are right …and you need to engage everyone in the process, stakeholders from different sectors, even common citizens. BINGO has created Communities of Practice…

Sceptical-Mark: Yes, and I may lead them. I am such a great leader!!!

Convinced-Louisa: Sure, someone in your position can engage stakeholders (Sceptical-Mark nods, looking happy) making them understand that climate change scenarios create risks and opportunities that are of their interest to address immediately. We need that different sectors of society are brought together to face climate change adaptation issues. The COP’s….

Sceptical-Mark: (wincing and stepping aside, interruptsConvinced-Louisa): No, no, no!! No cops! I didn’t do anything wrong…!

Convinced-Louisa: What do you mean…?! COPs are the Communities of Practice, where all can interact, express their concerns and work together…

Sceptical-Mark: (looking relieved): Ooohh, then it is ok. I thought something about my taxes… Many years ago, nothing important… Tell me, these COPS, they do need a leader, right?

Convinced-Louisa: (smiling at the misunderstanding): Yes, sure you can lead them!… The COPs are a group of diverse people - your electorate, in fact! - that meet to openly share their knowledge and their problems, and to find integrated solutions for common problems. Sometimes there may be some conflicts, but this is fine. There is no need to look for consensus. What is important is that all engage and commit together into concerted actions that serve the objectives of all.

Sceptical-Mark: So, no consensus but commitment?

Convinced-Louisa: You are very right; commitment based on fair and transparent negotiations and finding what is better for all, also looking at the near and far future.

Sceptical-Mark: (smiling, very proud of himself): I am a top negotiator!

Convinced-Louisa: For that you need to be well informed by the scientists and researchers, so that you can do a good job in leading these COPs.

Sceptical-Mark: No, no no… Scientists bring their figures and graphs, and I get a headache. I only like to look at the number in my budget!

Convinced-Louisa: You do not need to look into details or understand the numbers. You must only grasp the trends, understand the possible climate change scenarios and, then, mobilize people to deal with the issues.

Sceptical-Mark: I like that people are happy together - and know I am their leader…! I know understand all in a different perspective, and see lots of opportunities and possibilities (turns around his badge, stating now ”Politician Convinced by BINGO”)

Convinced-Louisa: Great, I am very pleased.

Sceptical-Mark: I think you can come with me to the press conference...

Convinced-Louisa: I would like very much to collaborate with you in this matter and the BINGO team is also willing to help us.

Sceptical-Mark: (shaking hands with Convinced- Louisa): Good! Let’s start our collaboration, come with me to the Press Conference, I am sure all will want to know more about BINGO!


Performance to disseminate BINGO results using as 'trigger' the agriculture sector

One character: a young female farmer.

It is a monologue, requiring good moving and expressivity from the performer (Rita)

The scene starts with the farmer walking around the corridor, spotting some people reaching them and starting to talk.

  • Rita (facing the people around pleased): Good that you are here, I do need to tell you my story! I was lost and confused, didn’t know what was going on and what to do….
  • You know, I used to have these beautiful potatoes – gorgeous things really – and suddenly I’m having less and less beautiful potatoes! I could observe that I had to change often my plans to work my land, to plant and take care of my crops… Irrigation became a problem. The rain would come earlier… or latter than expected. And, sometimes, so intense that washed out and destroyed some of my fields.
  • Three years ago I didn’t understand how it was possible that my well got so low water level…
  • I searched in Google (shows her smartphone) and I asked my fellow farmers. Sorry… my phone screen is cracked – my cow Mathilda isn’t so happy with the crazy weather either!!
  • But yeah, I searched on Google - some said that it is the government’s fault that I should try to get financial support for my losses. That there should be some EU funds for me.
  • Then I went to my grandfather, a farmer all his life. He said he has also experienced some weather extremes, but he acknowledged that now these extremes seem to be more frequent. And he told me “You should look at BINGO results”! (Looks very shocked and surprised).
  • Of course, as you can imagine (addresses the audience) I was surprised and replied to him: “Grandfather, how on earth would gambling help me solve any of my problems?!”
  • I want to create a better future for myself and my potatoes, not lose all my money!”.
  • Grandfather laughed and said: “Yes, that is exactly what BINGO H2020 project is about: How we can create a better Future under Climate Change
  • When I understood, I also joined him laughing! Afterwards I took my smartphone and looked at the BINGO site, its activities and results. It was so amazing to understand that farmers are facing new challenges with the changes in the water cycle everywhere. I got to know that fellow farmers from Cyprus and Portugal, some working alone others with organisations, got help from the BINGO project.
  • BINGO provided them with decadal climate predictions and water cycle modeling results and, as important as that, helped them to approach the issue in a different way.
  • I am so enthusiastic about it; I want to follow the approach!!! I am right now going to communicate with people in my region and start a Community of Practice where all can share and work together, do deal with water cycle changes, and keep our farms well managed and productive, under climate change scenarios.
  • So, I encourage you to look at project BINGO, get inspired and join me in creating a better future under climate change!

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The BINGO project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under the Grant Agreement number 641739.


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