• 05 Jun 18
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Third Year Progress Meeting Wrap-up

The Third Year Progress Meeting took place in Nicosia, Cyprus, on the 22-24 of June 2018.

After a fruitful meeting with the BINGO team in warm Nicosia, With almost 60 people attending the annual meeting, the activities of the fourth and final year of BINGO have been discussed and planned. Here are some of the outcomes to highlight:

  • As the project delivers more and more results, there is an important effort to be made in order to understand how to communicate them to the right stakeholders
  • BINGO at ECCA 2019 will be focused on how the project fulfilled its promise of providing demand-driven solutions for specific climate related challenges, in particular for highly vulnerable water resources of strategic importance.
  • The partners are now more united than ever to keep on the good work, together, integrating the outputs of the different teams in order to deliver comprehensive and cohesive results

The meeting also provided a great opportunity for the BINGO team to have a hands-on experience of the Cyprus research site, learning more about their challenges and solutions by visiting the different sites.

BINGO is now ready to tackle its last year!