• 31 Mar 17
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The SWGen-Hydro workshop will take place in September in Berlin

The International Workshop on Stochastic Weather Generators for Hydrological Applications (SWGen-Hydro) will take place in Berlin, September, 2017.

The SWGen-Hydro workshop focuses on SWGs suitable in hydrological modeling contexts.

In this context, climate variability is one of the important drivers of hydrological processes. Stochastic weather generators (SWGs) aim at modeling climatic variables – such as precipitation, temperature, humidity, etc – to drive hydrological models. Being at the interface between climate and hydrological processes, they are valuable tools for hydrological impact studies for the past, recent and future climate. However, part of the weather variability is not described in a deterministic but stochastic way, reflecting the chaotic nature of atmospheric processes in a natural way. Stochastic weather generators (SWGs) are thus canonical tools in hydrological studies.

For the SWGen-Hydro workshop are welcomed contributions for:

- hydrological applications;

- sub-daily or daily time scale;

- stationary, as well as conditional on large scale climatic drivers for hydrological past and future projections;

- studying the range of variability (uncertainty) in hydrological models.

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