• 07 Oct 15
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JPI Urban Europe launches Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA)

JPI Urban Europe is a joint programming initiative through which member countries can generate European solutions by means of coordinated research. The aim is to create attractive, sustainable and economically viable urban areas, in which European citizens, communities and their surroundings can thrive.

JPI Urban Europe recently presented the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) during the two-day Conference “Transition towards Sustainable and Liveable Urban Futures”, that took place in Brussels on 29-30 September.  

The SRIA has been developed in close cooperation with a Scientific Advisory Board, of which Rafaela Matos (BINGO Coordinator) is part of, and represents a long-term strategy and programme during 2014-2020. The SRIA comprises five thematic priorities, which add to the development of essential urban transition pathways.
The complete SRIA document can be downloaded here.

More information on: jpi-urbaneurope.eu 



D. Robinson, J. Bylund, O. Coutard, G. Finnveden, P. Hooimeijer, S. Kabisch, R. S. Matos, M. Noll, R. Ponds, C. Pronello,  J. Riegler. 2015. TRANSITION TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE AND LIVEABLE URBAN FUTURES - THE STRATEGIC RESEARCH AND INNOVATION AGENDA, JPI URBAN EUROPE, September 2015, 68 pp.