• 10 May 16
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BINGO Workshops #1 held across Europe

Engagement of end users in the project solutions

The BINGO solutions will be co-produced by a range of key end users at the six BINGO research sites: Badalona (Spain), Tagus (Portugal), Bergen (Norway), Wupper River Basin (Germany), Troodos (Cyprus), the Veluwe (The Netherlands). The project is using the methodology “Community of Practice (CoP)” to organize the interaction between different types of stakeholders with interests in the project (researchers, companies, utilities, governments and NGOs).

The BINGO CoP has been set up at the first series of workshops with active participation from end users, which took place in January-March 2016 in Spain, Portugal, Norway, Germany, Cyprus and the Netherlands. Aimed at “setting the scene”, these initial workshops promoted dynamic interactions and discussions on climate risks in each research site. Further workshops will be organised throughout the project.

Workshop dates (2016)

Spain 26 January
Portugal 16 February
Norway 18 February
Germany 19 February
Cyprus 24 February
Netherlands  3 March  


BINGO research sites (videos)

Click here to find out more about the BINGO research sites and to see video testimonials with end users collected in each region.