• 03 Aug 16
  • Posted by admin

BINGO at RESCCUE kickoff

The RESCCUE (Resilience to cope with climate change in urban areas – a multisectorial approach focusing on water) project aims to provide practical and innovative models and tools to end-users facing climate change challenges to build more resilient cities. The project, co-funded by Horizon 2020, is coordinated by Aquatec (SUEZ Water Advanced Solutions) and includes UN-Habitat, the 3 city councils (Barcelona, Lisbon and Bristol), urban services companies, research centers (including LNEC), universities and SMEs. RESCCUE is a four year project with a budget of 8M€.

RESCCUE had its kickoff meeting last 30-31 May, in Barcelona. During this meeting, Rafaela Matos (LNEC), BINGO Project Coordinator, presented the BINGO storyline - Climate Action and Water cycle.