• 09 Jun 16
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BINGO Meeting in Bergen: results

The 1st Year Progress Meeting with all BINGO partners took place in Bergen, Norway, 7-9 June 2016. Hosted by the Norwegian partner Bergen Kommune, the meeting took place at the Svartediket Waterplant conference centre and the Bergen City Hall.

The first day of the meeting was opened by Marte Mjøs Persen, Mayor of Bergen, who welcomed the partners mentioning the importance to know the intermediate challenges that climate change brings and that Bergen is very proud to be included as one of the six BINGO research sites.

May Torseth, BINGO external Ethics Advisor, provided independent ethical recommendations focused on the project internal communication.

Rafaela Matos and Ana Estela Barbosa (LNEC) presented a high level overview of the first year of the project, an overview of the WP1 (Coordination) activities, and moderated a discussion on the project periodic report. Uwe Ulbrich (FUB) presented the results achieved under WP2 (Climate Predictions & Downscaling to Extreme Weather) and Tim Aus der Beek (IWW) led the discussion of WP3 (Integrated Analysis of the Water Cycle), as well as a dedicated meeting to this work package, which took place on the third day. As the Research Sites Manager, Tim provided recommendations on how to integrate the outcomes from the six research sites. The WP4 (Assessment of the Impacts of Extreme Weather Events) session was led by Teresa Viseu (LNEC).

Henk-Jan van Alphen (KWR) presented the strategy for WP5 (Risk Treatment and Adaptation Strategies for Extreme Weather Events) and moderated a meeting about the activities under this WP on the afternoon of the second day. Tone Muthanna (NTNU) gave a presentation on the work conducted under WP6 (Ensuring Excellence and Actionable Research), and provided an overview and evaluation of the first series of local workshops with the BINGO Community of Practice. Sofia Esteves (SPI) demonstrated how the project has been reaching out to its different target groups with communication and dissemination activities in the scope of WP7 (Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation).

David Schwesig (IWW) provided an evaluation of the BINGO impact outside the partnership, with recommendations for improving the impact in the second year of the project, and Katharine Knox (BINGO Project Advisory Board) presented the possible links between climate change, social justice, vulnerability and adaptation in the BINGO project.

A project review meeting with the European Commission took place on this occasion as well. It was moderated by Frederik Accoe (EASME Project Advisor).

In short, the meeting allowed for partners to present and discuss the developments and achievements of the first 12 months of the project across the 7 Work Packages, as well as to better plan the activities for the second year. Partners also had the opportunity to share the experience of the work being done at each research site and identity points of cooperation and interfaces. A field visit to Løvstien was also conducted.

Around 60 people attended the annual meeting, including representatives from all 20 partner organisations of the project. The second year progress meeting is scheduled for June 2017 and will be held in Germany.


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