• 26 Jun 18
  • Posted by admin

BINGO @Adaptation Futures 2018 - Cape Town

BINGO just came back from the conference Adaptation Futures 2018 in Cape Town, a city that has been suffering with severe water shortages. Adaptation Futures 2018 had as main focus the theme of “Dialogues for Solutions”, trying to move from the questions to the answers, from the identification of problems to the implementation of solutions. As such, BINGO presented an abstract in the session S354: Climate change knowledge and research on:

“Collaborative Co-production: what could be missing in climate change adaptation?” by Ana Estela Barbosa, Rafaela Matos and Maria João Freitas.

In addition, BINGO was presented at the EU Booth at the event, where the main results and achievements were discussed.

Find more information on the event here.